Hang On You're Still Over The Limit Campaign Rolls Out

Have you ever driven the following morning after having a skinful of alcohol?

[caption id="attachment_38956" align="alignleft" width="390"]Be safe not sorry - don't drive the morning after a night out consuming alcohol. Be safe not sorry – don’t drive the morning after a night out consuming alcohol.[/caption]

During Alcohol Awareness Week, 16-22 November, “Alcohol and You” is highlighting that there is a serious and dangerous issue with people driving the morning after a night of consuming alcohol. The ‘Hang on you’re still OVER the limit’ campaign hopes to address this issue.

According to recent surveys 19% of adults admit to driving the morning after a night of heavy drinking without knowing if they are over the limit and 18% of drink related driving accidents happen the morning after alcohol consumption between 4am-12pm.

If you are caught driving or attempting to drive above the legal limit you could face:

*  six months’ imprisonment

*  a fine of up to £5,000

*  a ban from driving for at least 12 months or three years if convicted twice in 10 years

*  a driving test before your license is returned

Driving when under the influence of drink or drugs also seriously increases your risk of causing death or grievous bodily injury by careless driving. In this case you could face:

Hangover Campaign-1* 14 year’s imprisonment

* an unlimited fine * a ban from driving for at least two years * an extended driving test before your license is returned Alcohol has a price tag in Northern Ireland of over £900 million every year when you add up all of the hospital admissions, accidents, lost days at work and health problems. Lots of people across Northern Ireland drink alcohol and for many who go easy on it there is little or no damage done. However, excessive drinking is a major problem and is not just confined to younger people. Alcohol and You is a range of brief intervention services in the SEHSCT funded by the Big Lottery and aimed at reducing alcohol related harm. The programme is a partnership between the Trust and Voluntary Sector Providers which include FASA, ASCERT and Addiction NI. They offer online support at www.alcoholandyouni, 1-1 support and Family Support on 08002545123. Check out the HANGOVER video campaign on their website at: www.alcoholandyouni.com/hangover from Monday 16 November 2015.

For further information on alcohol and its harmful effects on your body visit the Alcohol and You website: