Grit Boxes Needed Before Winter Strikes In Dundrum Says McCallister

South Down Independent Unionist MLA John McCallister has called for grit boxes to be provided at a housing development in Dundrum.

Mr McCallister who visited Murlough View in Dundrum on Monday said grit boxes must be introduced before the winter weather makes an appearance.

dn_screen“These houses are sited on steep inclines and the residents have had to deal for years with getting to and from their properties in dangerously icy conditions during the winter.

“The addition of grit boxes would enhance both traffic and pedestrian safety as it would enable the residents to ‘self-help’ when conditions required it. I have spoken with Transport NI and formally requested these boxes.”

Mr McCallister further explained that residents have also expressed a serious concern with regard to road safety for the children in the area.

“The children are forced to play in the street as there is no dedicated play area for them. Unfortunately, the existing ‘ramps’ are completely inadequate for reducing the speed of traffic in the development.

“ I personally drove over them yesterday without even noticing they were there; they certainly do not inhibit speed.

“I have also asked Transport NI to consider some alternative form of traffic calming measure that would be more effective in reducing the speed.

“This is a very large development and with most families having two cars now, the numbers of vehicles entering and leaving the development is vast. In a concentrated area without adequate calming measures, it is an invitation for disaster. I appreciate that all departmental budgets are stretched but pedestrian safety should never be put at risk; particularly where it involves children.”