Gribben Encourages Uptake Of Rural Security Subsidies

Sinn Fein councillor and member of the Banbridge Policing and Community Safety Partnership, Paul Gribben, has encouraged farmers to avail of security grants provided by the Rural Crime Unit and the Department of Justice.dn_screen

He explained that support is available to install Tracker and Cesar security devices to farm equipment. This will allow the PSNI to locate and recover stolen equipment. They have been proven to both deter and detect criminals.

“Initially the funding was due to wrap up by the end of January, but thankfully in light of its success, this scheme has been extended for another month, until the end of February,” said Councillor Gribben.

“I would encourage all farmers across South Down to avail of this opportunity and apply for these devices. The Department has also stated that they will consider requests for subsidies towards more than one item.

“Rural crime causes huge damage to the community and every possible step should be taken to help reduce it. Everyone should be increasingly vigilant, equipment, when possible, should be locked and kept out of sight and, of course, people should avail of this opportunity to attain the Tracker and Cesar security measures.”