Galbraith Says Resurfacing Saul Road Is A Priority

Cllr Conor Galbraith has called on the Roads Department to re-surface the Saul Road

The Downpatrick SDLP Councillor Conor Galbraith has called for the Department for Infrastructure to carry out much needed resurfacing on the Saul Road.

Cllr Galbraith said: “As a busy arterial route to and from the town it is essential that the Saul Road is in optimum condition. 

Cllr Conor Galbraith pictured on the Saul Road in Downpatrick checking the road surface. he maintains it needs to be resurfaced given the amount of traffic using the road.

“It is unfortunate that we are seeing potholes now just after speed bumps along the route which is resulting in road users getting hit with added impacts.

“There is a real need for DfI to carry out much needed resurfacing here. Not just plugging the potholes, but a proper resurfacing scheme.

“I welcome that we have an Assembly and Executive in place, and an Infrastructure Minister in place to provide much needed leadership on such issues. 

“Just last week he made an announcement on allocating £1million for pothole repairs across the North. 

“Yet what we are seeing is that when these potholes get filled in, unless the road is properly resurfaced, they simply break apart again with poor weather. 

“This will therefore be a waste of much needed public funds if that is the case.

“This Executive cannot allow itself to be defined by waste again. I appeal to the Minister of Infrastructure to bring forward a proper scheme of resurfacing for areas such as the Saul Road. 

“This will make better sense economically as money for potholes can be saved and we will have less people taking claims against DFI as a result of less vehicle damage.  This just makes sense. 

“Therefore I appeal to the Department and the Minister to do what needs to be done here for the residents and commuters on the Saul Road.”