French Bulldog Puppy Thrown From Car Window In Newry

A French bulldog puppy was thrown from moving car in Newry

The USPCA were recently alerted to a serious case of cruelty after a member of the public witnessed a puppy being thrown from a moving car in Newry.

The French Bulldog puppy was launched from the vehicle inside a bag, in which was also discovered a second puppy that was sadly deceased.  

The surviving French bulldog puppy that was thrown from a car window in Newry and suffered significant injury.

A kind member of the public brought the surviving puppy from the roadside to a local vet for initial treatment.

It is now in the care of the USPCA where it is continuing rehabilitation under careful monitoring from the veterinary and animal care team.

USPCA CEO Nora Smith said: ‘The puppy is currently healing from significant wounds, and it is very fortunate it did not suffer the same tragic fate as the poor puppy that was in the bag.

“We are so grateful to the member of the public who sought medical care for the puppy and reported the incident.

The graphic horror of animal cruelty. This French bulldog puppy was luchy to survive being thrown from a moving car window in Newry.

“There is no place for such deplorable acts of animal cruelty in any society.

“This little puppy would have been incredibly distressed during this horrifying experience. Thankfully there are many people in our community who do care about the welfare of animals.

“We are pleased to say that this little puppy is now happy, healing and starting to enjoy some playtime with our animal care team.

“The USPCA would urge the public to contact the PSNI on 101 or the Animal Welfare department within Newry MOurne and Down Distriuct Council with any further information that may assist an investigation.

“We want to see the individual or individuals who committed this horrific act of cruelty brought to justice.”