Foster Announces Tourism Events Funding Programme

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Arlene Foster has secured funding for Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s Tourism Events Funding Programme in 2015/2016.

dn_screenSpeaking after making the announcement Arlene Foster said: “Events both large and small play a key role in driving tourism to Northern Ireland and therefore I am delighted to announce that I have secured £1 million for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s Tourism Events Scheme next year.

“This funding will help ensure events, festivals and activities that have and will inspire people to come here can continue. International events such as Tall Ships and Giro d’Italia attract large numbers of visitors and spectators and showcase us on a global stage. However smaller events and festivals also play their part adding to the vibrancy and cultural life of Northern Ireland.

“The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is currently working up the detail, however I expect them to open both the International and the National Events Fund in early February and would encourage all tourism events to start developing their applications and proposals for submission to the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.”