Fianna Fáil To Hold 40th Annniversary Conference In Newry

For the first time ever, Fianna Fáil’s second most important event takes place in the North this weekend at the Canal Court Hotel.

“The 40th anniversary Ógra Fianna Fáil National Youth Conference is an unprecedentedly historic one for three reasons,” said  local County Down Fianna Fáil spokesperson Kevin Rooney.

fianna fail logo copy“Firstly, this conference will mark 40 years since the then General Secretary of Fianna Fáil, Seamus Brennan, oversaw the establishment of Ógra and called its first conference in 1975.

“His vision was of a dedicated area within Fianna Fáil that young members could meet together and discuss ideas and hold events that would enrich debate within the wider party and over our 40 years, we have always sought to hold true to that vision.

“Many of our elected representatives down through the years cut their political teeth in Ógra and we would hope this to be true in future when we speak of our elected reps in the North as well.

“Another reason this conference is history in the making is that this will be the first time in those forty years that Ógra will take our flagship event to the North.

“Recruitment of Northern members started back in 2007 and since then, the organisation and structures have been taking shape.

“For the conference to head North is further proof that we as a party take our commitment to the community in Northern Ireland seriously and that our goal of contesting elections in the North is firmly on our agenda.

“This conference will be the springboard for Northern Fianna Fáil and elections in 2019.

“The North, the Peace Process and the consequences of a ‘Brexit’ are all set to be discussed at the conference.

“And finally, this year also marks the 82nd anniversary of the election of our party founder, Eamon De Valera, as a Fianna Fáil MP for the constituency of South Down to the Northern Ireland House of Commons, an event that will be marked at the conference itself.”