Energy Saving Week Offers Tips To Reduce Bills

The Housing Executive are urging everyone to become top of the class and use their Top Ten Energy Saving tips.

With Energy Saving Week beginning on (Monday 30th October – Friday 4th October), the Housing Executive are urging everyone to reduce their energy costs with some simple tips.

As the Home Energy Conservation Authority for Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive have a statutory obligation to promote practical, cost effective measures to help improve energy efficiency.

Housing Executive’s Sustainable Development Manager Robert Clements pictured with  the Energy Saving Trust’s Operational Director Patrick Thompson launching Energy Saving Week.

For information around its top ten tips to save energy at home:

* Close curtains at night to keep the heat in.

* Avoid blocking radiators with furniture.

* Turn off lights when they are not needed.

* Electrical appliances on standby cost money – switch off!

* When buying electrical appliances, choose the most energy efficient. (A is best and D is worst).

* If possible use a shower instead of a bath.

* Only fill a kettle with as much water as you actually need (cover the element of an electric kettle).

* Never leave mobile phones on charge overnight.

* Don’t leave your fridge door open as it takes energy to cool down again.

* Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly.

By using modern appliances, turning off devices and lighting when not in use, homeowners can save over £120 per year on their home heating bill.

The Housing Executive’s Sustainable Development Manager Robert Clements said: “Energy Saving Week is an important reminder for everyone to save energy at home. There are numerous ‘quick wins’ for households that not only will make your home more energy efficient but also reduce your heating bills.

“The Housing Executive are working alongside various key partners in helping to raise awareness of our activities in promoting energy efficiency. Throughout Energy Saving Week, we will be present at shopping centres across Northern Ireland providing energy saving advice.

“To find out how you can save on your energy costs, call the Freephone number 0800 1422 865 today. By receiving free, impartial advice on making your home more energy efficient – make savings on your home energy bills as part of Energy Saving Week.”