Enda McNulty Launches Commit 2 Lead

Commit 2 Lead launched by leadership expert Enda McNulty

Commit 2 Lead launched by leadership expert Enda McNulty

Former All Star, All-Ireland winning footballer, high-performance coach, leadership expert and entrepreneur, Enda McNulty, has launched his second book Commit 2 Lead! 

Over the past twenty-five years, Enda has worked with a who’s-who of business and sporting leaders.

In Commit 2 Lead!, they share their stories and insights into exceptional leadership, and show that you don’t have to be a CEO or an elite athlete to become a great leader. 

In the follow up to his No.1 bestseller, Commit!, Enda demonstrates how becoming a great leader is within everyone’s reach.

Enda began his leadership journey early. ‘He said: “Growing up in South Armagh in the middle of the troubles, I was hugely fortunate to meet strong leaders in our community, in sport, politics and business.

Enda McNulty pictured with his latest book, Commit to Lead!

“In Commit 2 Lead! you walk alongside  these leaders and understand their fear and doubt, and experience their determination and resilience”.

Commit 2 Lead! prompts you to stop and think, to reflect on how well you are leading  in all aspects of your life. In a world of huge uncertainty and looming challenges, we all need to Commit 2 Lead.

The book begins in Haiti after a catastrophic earthquake with Haitian actor and comedian Kako Bourjolly. He reminds us about  self-leadership and the importance of your big ‘Why’: your purpose.

It reminds us all about investing every day in our resilience, empathy and optimism. And it strongly emphasises the importance of health and fitness.

The second section of the book looks at the ways in which great leaders bring out the best in everyone else.

It explores the most effective ways to prepare for the challenges ahead, and then brings the reader on a journey through creative thinking, communication and collaboration.

Enda believes the book is for “anyone who wants to grow and learn, anyone looking for the courage, energy and optimism to reach for something better… something better for everyone.

“This book is for people who want to change the game, who are learn-it-alls rather than know-it-alls”.

Throughout his career, Enda has helped a wide range of people, from the world’s busiest CEOs to some of the biggest sports stars in the country.

Former Irish rugby coach Joe Schmidt said: “Enda helped to develop a generation of self-motivated leaders with the Irish rugby team”.

And General Manager of Intel Ireland, Eamonn Sinnott, and Irish rugby legend Rory Best are among those who share their stories and insights with Enda in Commit 2 Lead!.

The book also features input from performance psychologist and ex-US Military Resilience trainer Katrina Steady and psychologist and executive coach Dr Mary Collins.

Commit 2 Lead! will  be available in all good bookshops from February 23rd, websites and direct from: