ED Doctor Captures Covid-19 In Photo Book

Staff Courage In COVID Captured Through The A Doctor's Lens At Ulster Hospital

Staff Courage In COVID Captured Through The A Doctor’s Lens At Ulster Hospital

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is certainly true of a captivating photo book which has been compiled by Ulster Hospital Emergency Medicine doctor, Dr Tuck Goh.

Tuck, an Associate Specialist in Emergency Medicine, works at the Ulster Hospital and captured on camera some precious moments of staff in the South Eastern Trust during the pandemic.

They were doing all that they could to treat and reassure anyone they were caring for in our hospitals and in the community.

Dr Tuck Goh, at the ED in Ulster Hospital, put together a collection of photographs to document the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on staff.

The result is a beautiful and moving documentary photo book, appropriately entitled ‘Together’.

This book has been gifted to all staff at the South Eastern HSC Trust to say thank you for their dedication, care and compassion, which will never be forgotten.

Dr Goh felt it was vital to document the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic had on his colleagues and the patients who came through the doors of our hospitals, in what was a very uncertain and frightening time.

Dr Goh said: “Patients were separated from their loved ones due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“This book documents the isolation that patients experienced while in the Emergency Department and beyond.

“And it reflects the strength and courage that staff showed during such a challenging time.

Patients, separated from their loved ones, were cared for by nursing staff. (Photos by Tuck Goh).

“I hope that this book will stand the test of time. In years to come, looking back at the pictures and the narrative in the book will hopefully remind people of how we got through the pandemic, standing together and supporting those in most need.”

Chief Executive, Roisin Coulter is very proud of the incredible work that our staff carried out, in every single department across the Trust throughout the pandemic.

She said: “In March 2020 when people were being urged to stay at home, Trust staff and indeed all Health Service staff in Northern Ireland, courageously prepared to tackle Covid-19.

Nurses chill out for a short break but can’t take off their visors and masks due to the risk of Covid-19 infection.

“This is a virus that was killing millions of people across the globe. At that stage, there wasn’t a vaccine to protect staff who were risking their lives to help others.

“The care that our staff provided to our patients, service users and clients was outstanding and saved many lives, not just in our hospitals but across the community we serve.

“Dr Tuck Goh, who works in the Emergency Department at the Ulster Hospital, captured some of those precious moments on camera and the result is a beautiful photobook, entitled ‘Together’.

“It documents a moment in history which we will never forget.”

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