EA Clarifies Funding Status For Youth Initiatives

Education Authority (EA) Chief Executive Gavin Boyd has provided clarity in relation to funding for youth initiatives which has caused some recent concern within the youth sector.

dn_screenGavin Boyd said: “In addition to funding for core youth services, the Education Authority has been provided with funding on a short term basis since 2011 to support the delivery of a number of additional youth initiatives. The provision of this funding is reviewed annually and is always subject to availability.

“As the youth budget for 2017/18 is not yet known, in line with statutory procedures, EA has written to the management committees of the relevant youth organisations to advise that the continuation of funding cannot yet be confirmed beyond March 2017.

“It has been standard practice to place staff employed as part of funded initiatives on ‘protective notice’ until detailed budgets are confirmed. We note that this issue has caused some concern and would like to emphasise that no decision has yet been made in relation to funding for these initiatives nor has any proposal been made to end the funding.

“EA will ensure that the relevant organisations are kept fully informed in relation to the availability of funding.”