DUP Condemns Killyleagh Vandalism

Anti-Social Behaviour once again and pigeon loft damaged.

Jim Shannon MP for Strangford and Cllr Billy Walker have condemned the vandalism on-going Killyleagh and he has expressed his total disapproval of antisocial behaviour directed at a pigeon loft where a number of valuable eggs were broken.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon with Rowallene Councillor William Walker at the site of the new Killyleagh playpark at the Bridge Centre.

Mr Shannon said: “This unruly and despicable behaviour is truly unacceptable and again – after the breaking of windows at the Primary School and the damage to the playground – underlines the need for strong action by the PSNI needed in the town of Killyleagh.”

He added: “There is a very small element in Killyleagh that have a total disregard for their neighbours. Their hearts are set on annoying others. No person and no-one’s property seems beyond their evil intentions.

“I have written to the PSNI and have expressed deep concern and the need for the PSNI and the local community to work together.”

A sheltered part of the new Killyleagh play area has already been damaged by vandals.

Rowallene Councillor Billy Walker added: “Once again I have to express my sadness at this terrible behaviour in our town. The Killyleagh Integrated Primary School has been attacked, and now the new play park too has bee the attention of these young thugs. It is just a shame and disgrace they they should be behaving like this. They are just hoodlums.

“And what is more than likely is that they are in the junior age bracket. This raises the question: do their parents know what they are up to when they are running the streets in the evening? Parents in Killyleagh do need to be more alert about this before an accident happens. There have been a number of fires in recent years too and is all seems to be part of a wider pattern.

“I would ask anyone who knows anything about these acts of vandalism to contact the PSNI on 101. This vandalism cannot go on like this. The hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage caused has to be paid by someone, and some of it is ironically the ratepayers… and the parents of these wayward youngsters themselves.”