Drumaness Enjoy Border Cup Tie Win Over Mossley

Lundy Goal Puts Drumaness Through On Border Cup 4th Round Tie

Lundy Goal Puts Drumaness Through On Border Cup 4th Round Tie

This match for the first half was a demonstration of two teams who had well drilled defences but who could not get the ball over the line despite several opportunities on both sides writes Jim Masson.

They certainly went up a gear in the second half with both teams constantly attacking to and fro.

This Border Cup match played at Inver Park, the home of Irish League team, Larne, a neutral venue, was fast paced and did not look to be a high scoring affair.

Mark Kerr, Drumaness manager, said: “This was certainly not our best performance this season but it was good to get over the line.

Eoin Lundy scored the only goal in the Border Cup Round 4 tie against Mossley to help Drumaness Mills win the match. (Photos by Jim Masson/Down News).

“Our defence were excellent through the match. Gary Murdock too played a key part in the victory. Keeper Conor McCann made a number of critical saves and played well.

“Our forward line kept Mossley under pressure a lot during the game, with excellent work from Jack Sharvin, and in the second half, Gavin McEvoy.

“And well done to Eoin Lundy for turning the game round just in time with his brilliant goal.

At 30 minutes, a good move by Rooney to Sharvin saw the latter just shave the post, the best opportunity for Drumaness to that point.

Then Mossley’s Green and Lecky broke up the left wing and made a serious challenge to the Drumess goal, but McCann was on the ball.

Mossley pressed again and a cross from Green saw Manea volley the ball inches over the left hand corner.

Both teams were extremely cautious but Mossley had the edge in attacking moves. Green took a free and Agnew managed to get up over the ball and headed down to the Drumaness goal but McCann was there to block the almost certain goal.

Mossley pressed Drumaness in the first half but the defence held firm.

Then Drumaness broke forward and a powerful volley from Drumaness’ Stefan Mason which just curled over the Mossley top bar.

As the end of the first half approached, it was Drumaness who were on the front foot attacking hoping for a goal for a major psychological advantage.

Mossley had had a good run through the later part of the first half but failed to bury the ball into the Drumaness net despite several opportunities.

As both teams locked horns in the second half, Jack Sharvin set out his stall with an excellent drive from 40 yards at the Mossley goal which was just wide. Then Mossley’s Tweedie replied with a shot at the Drumaness goal, but it was underpowered.

This half was a different affair. It was obvious that the managers had pressed their teams in the dressing rooms for stronger performances and they both went at it in a pacey game albeit played fairly presenting no major problems for the referee.

This highly competitive match went up and down the pitch at a fast rate and one early effort by Mossley’s Manea saw him pinned in the corer by Kearney, but he managed to turn sharply and send the ball to the head of Adamson waiting at the Drumaness back post. His  crisp header down was blocked by keeper McCann who was lucky to be on the spot.

Drumaness mid-fielder Murdock made an inch perfect pass through to Rooney surging forward whose excellent shot on target was saved by Mossley keeper McWilliams in form.

A determined Drumaness had a spell of ascendency pressing into the Mossley half making several useful attacks. One attack saw McLeery hammer the ball but again it was just over the top bar.

At 70 minutes, Drumaness manager Mark Kerr sent on the experienced Gavin McEvoy to beef up the front line. Quickly he worked well with Jack Sharvin and a number a useful attacks emerged.

Kyle McCleery on the ball for Drumaness Mills against Mossley.

McEvoy broke through the Mossley defence as the game unfolded and found space to shoot under pressure from Mossley defenders to the back post. His effort was frustratingly for Drumaness inches wide. This was followed again by McEvoy passing to Mason located in front of the Mossley goal creating another opportunity.

Drumaness were unlucky not to be a goal up at this stage. Tension in both teams was coming to the surface.

Mossley forward Tweedie made a good effort with a dipping volley, but it was met with an excellent save from Drumaness goalkeeper McCann.

Again, a slick pass through to Mason from McEvoy created an opportunity for a goal but the pass was a fraction too deep. It seemed to sum up the game almost for both teams who were both close to scoring on a number of occasions.

Then when the game was approaching the critical point at 85 minutes and the possibility of extra time was looking a certainty, Drumaness defender Eoin Lundy produced the goods.

Lundy picked the ball through from a Rooney pass and managed to thread his way into the Mossley box through the thick of defenders, and drove the ball past keeper McWilliams to inside the right hand post.

The ecstatic Drumaness players and bench celebrated knowing they had a huge advantage with five minutes to play. Then the referee announced he was giving an extra 5 minutes for extra time.

Nerves were tingling through the Drumaness squad but they held up well, the forwards holding the ball in the Mossley half, keeping the one goal lead safe.

Mossley did try a comeback with a shot from Manea which earned a corner.

The final whistle was the ultimate relief for the Drumaness spectators who travelled to Inver Park.

Drumaness won through to the next round in the Border Cup, knowing they are improving as a side.

Mossley FC: Daniel McWilliams, 6 Martin McAvoy, 7 Sabastian Manea, 8 Joshua Green, 10 Taylor Agnew, 11 Stephen Lecky, 14 Mark Tweedie, Timothy Adamson 15 (C), 15, Aaron MacFarlane 25, 26 Adam Surgeonar, Bobby Crowe 39. Subs: Kurt Cooper 14, Aoifen McBrearty 17, Richard Higgins 37.

Drumaness Mills: Conor McCann, Keegan Domican, Eoin Lundy, Cillian Burns, Gary Murdock, Joe Hardy, Stefan Mason, Kyle McCleery, Eoin Rooney, Jack Sharvin, Adam Kearney. Subs, Daniel Bell, Gavin McEvoy.