Drugs Seisure in Newtownards

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has thanked the PNSI with special reference to local officers who have been involved in an intensive evidence-gathering operation to make the raid a success which has removed over £100,000 worth of drugs from our streets.
Mr Shannon said: “I met with Superintendent Kee and Chief Inspector McGrath along with Strangford MLA Naomi Armstrong-Cotter just before the weekend to discuss this serious issue.
“We were informed that specific investigations were looking promising. To see the fulfilment of some of the hard work that our local PSNI officers have been doing is incredible and more importantly to see that amount of drugs earmarked for the vulnerable in our society being removed is reassuring.
“This raid will hopefully be the tip of the iceberg in our war against drugs, illegal contraband and money in the hands of paramilitaries throughout the Province. Well done to all involved and I trust this will encourage the general public to take heart and be a part of this war against the criminal empires that seek to control our children and young people, destroy family units and break our community to put money in their pockets.
“Another battle has been won by the PSNI but there is still more to do to make our society safe.”