Drugs Conference To Address Misuse in Down Communities

THE new Down Policing and Community Partnership (DPCSP) is looking at the issue of drugs in our society and the effect they have on individuals.

With the growing numbers of suicides and people affected by drug addiction, this timely event is open to all.

The thought-provoking conference highlighting the impact of drug misuse on our communities will take place in The Great Hall, Downshire Estate, on the evening of Monday 19 November starting at 7pm.

A free public seminar is taking place at the Downshire Great Hall on Monday 19 November looking at drugs issues in Down. Pictured at the event launch are Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership officers Audrey Byrne, Vice Chair, and Councillor Carmel O’Boyle, Chair.

The event which has been organised by DPCSP will aim to provide information on the hidden harm caused by drug misuse and the services that are available locally to help individuals, families and communities who desperately need it.

PCSP Chairman, Councillor Carmel O’Boyle said: “This is the first public forum to be rolled out by the PCSP and I am pleased that as a Partnership we are not shying away from the real issues and concerns that communities have.  Drugs have a huge and detrimental impact on families and communities and there are real life horror stories unfolding about the devastation that drug misuse can cause, especially for our young people today.

“The PCSP have acknowledged this and want to put their energies into organising a discussion forum that is both informative and hard hitting.  I would encourage anyone interested in attending this free event to book their place sooner rather as places will be limited.”

The conference will begin with a live drama from Spanner in the Works Theatre Company.  Extracts from their very popular Popping Candy play will illustrate common scenarios faced by young people today who come into contact with drugs socially.  A number of speakers will then address the consequences of drug misuse including criminal convictions and the impact on health and the wider community.

If you would like to attend the conference please contact Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership on 028 4461 0857 or email pcsp@downdc.gov.uk

Assistance with transport can be provided on request.