Dromara Faced A Determined Rosario YC For A Draw

Dromara Village drew against Rosario fighting for crucial points


Premier Division League match,

Venue: Bellsbridge, Saturday 13th April 2024

Final Score: Dromara Village 0 0 Rosarion YC.

Currently Dromara stands 11th in the Premier section and Rosario are 10th.

But Dromara has 3 games in hand yet to play to catch up and will likely creep in front of Rosario to stay safe from relegation, leaving Ards Ranger to keep ahead of Shankill Utd and Larne Tech who both look as though they could be demoted on the current ratings.

From the whistle it was Rosario who took the initiative and pressed the Dromara defence. Eventually Dromara won a free kick in midfield and it took the initial pressure off them.

But gradually Rosario plodded on and were getting closer to the Dromara goal. Dromara were playing safe and containing the visitors.

Rosario’s Michael Ward launched a strong low volley which forced Dromara keeper John Connolly to make an excellent diving save on 22 minutes.

Dromra started to attack the Rosario goal and Stephen Glasgow crossed a header to James Costello but keeper Seamus Flynn managed to rise up and catch it well.

Alex Burtney breaks up the wing for Dromara. (Photos by Jim Masson /Dow News ©)

Dromara defender Connor Mallon managed to force a corner, but it was cleared, them James Mahoney made a solo charge covering good distance but was stopped just before he could launch the ball at the Rosario net.

Eventually Drora found space to attepmt a shot at the Rosario goal and John Mahoney launched a strike on target but it was well saved by keeper Flynn.

Coming upo to the end o fthe first half both teams were cautious about giving a goal away. A long pass to James Mahoney almost paid off but Flynn came read it and came out closing the angle.

Dromara then turned on the play and made a few useful breaks but they were getting caught offside quite a bit.

Rosario’s Stephen Dougal almost connected with a header but in the gusty wind it had too much pace for him to handle as he stared into the Dromara nets.

Dromara then seemed to loosed up their play more and Ben Martin made a good cross to James Mahoney on the whistle for half-time.

As the second period started Dromara tried a quick attack with James Costello and sub Jonathan Greg in the box.

Then a moment of drama when Costello received a cross into the back of the Rosario box and his volley hit the Rosario woodwork.

Dromara Village went neck to neck with Rosario and were unlucky not to have led by at least one goal.

Rosario tried to push their way back into the game after Dromara had made the running.

Then Dromara’s Sam Kirk smacked a solid volleyt but it rose just over the bar from 40 yards.

On 63 minutes Dromara had a clear opportunity when Costello almost scored and keeper Flynn put the ball out for a corner.

James Mahoney was more fired up in the second half and made some useful forays.

Dromara at one stage looked a cert to score but one attack alone saw them hit the crossbar twice in less than a minute.

With 30 minutes gone, neither side looked like scoring so tight was the play. Rosario had half a chance when a cross ran through the Dromara box with no Rosario takers.

On 85 minutes a scramble for the ball in the Dromara goal almost cost the homeside the match but it was eventually cleared.

Dromara hit the crossbar twice in the closing section of the game.

Then Alex Burtney made a cross to sub Philip Kerr at the Rosario goal but the ball just went a fraction too far to tap in.

Dromara finished strongly, and were unlucky not to have at least one goal but Rosario too were keen to finish Dromara off, and it ended in a stalemate.

It was an exciting match played a pace, but goal-less.

Dromara just need to keep afloat for this season in the Premier League and rebuild their side after 6 players had drifted off through the season, including their key strikers.


Dromara Village: 1 John Connolly (GK) 2 Connor Mallon 3 Ben Hanna 4 Stephen Glasgow 5 Nathan Hamilton (C) 6 Sam Kirk 7 James Mahoney 8 John Mahoney 9 James Costello 10 Ben Martin 11 Alex Burtney. Subs: 12 Jonathan Greg 14 Ryan Milligan 15 Philip Kerr.

Rosario YC: 1 Seamus Flynn (GK) 2 Michael Allison 3 Daniel Connor 4 Stephen Dougal 5 Dominic McConville 6 Michael Ward 7 Neil McGowan (C) 8 Daniel Goodacre 9 Padraig Scollay 10 Eamonn Carvill 11 Ciaran Sherry. Subs: Aaron Sharpe 14 Adam McCartney 15 Peter Whan.