Downptrick Man Paul Braiden Exhibits Art Work

Paul Braiden shows off his art work in the St Patrick Centre in Downpatrick

Paul Braiden shows off his art work in the St Patrick Centre in Downpatrick

Paul Braiden from the Model Farm in Downpatrick is showing his latest 3-D art work in the St Patrick Centre in Downpatrick.

His three-dimensional works are mostly of buildings and are made with recycled household materials.

Paul is a client of Life Change Changes Lives (LCCL), a mental health charity in Downpatrick which focusses mainly on recycling old furniture and other items.

Paul Braiden from the Model Farm estate in Downpatrick shows off some of his creative 3-D pieces he is exhibiting in the St Patrick Centre made from recycled materials.

Alish Teague, of LCCL said: “This is a good news story to come out of the Model Farm estate in Downpatrick. While youths were throwing stones at emergency services, Paul uses stones as part of his creative effort in building 3-D artworks mainly of houses.

“His art has played a significant roll in his mental health recovery. We at LCCL are very happy to support him on his creative path and to good health. It is very commendable what he is doing.

“There are ecological benefits too as his works are made entirely with recycled materials.

“We are here to support everyone on their mental health journeys. We have a retail outlet and a cafe, and our workshop where some of our clients work is at the rear of our premises in Market Street.”

Paul said he has always had an interest in art and has found a way now of expressing it while engaging with LCCL.

He said: “Basically I needed something to occupy myself and I started making 3-D pieces from materials I had lying around my home. It all started to come together after I saw an amazing video on You Tube.

(l-r) Alliance MLA Patrick Brown, artist Paul Braiden from Downpatrick, and Ailish Teague, director at Life Change Changes Lives in Downpatrick, a mental health charity.

“Working in this creative schere has helped my mental health greatly. I get a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a piece especially when there is really positive feedback.

“My moods can get very low and this spell in creating art work has been absolutely fantastic for me. This art form has really caught my imagination. It’s all still developing but I can see where it is going.

“Materials I use include bits of wood, polystyrene tiles, paper, old fabrics, beads, buttons, plasic bottles, and old T-shirt, lollipop sticks, etc. They are all recycled items. Sometimes I point a bit over them.

“I’ve made some interesting pieces so far such as a lighthouse, castle, a cave, buildings, and an observatory. I’ve even made a ‘canyon crawler’ which is a little bit creepy,” Paul joked.

Paul Braiden shows off a lighthouse made from recycled materials.

“It really started as a hobby and making these minature creations has interesting potential.

“I can even do commissions for people if they wanted me to. I’m really glad to exhibit my works in the St Patrick Centre. They are for sale and I hope to sell a few.

“It’s been a great journey so far into art and I hope to continue and see where it takes me. My thanks to all at LCCL and to the St Patrick Centre. Everyone has been really helpful.”

Tim Campbell, Director of the St Patrick Centre said: “Paul is very welcome to exhibit his works in the Centre.

“His work is very interesting and well worth a visit. I wish him the best of health and wish him well in his future efforts as an artist.”

Patrick Brown MLA also called in to the St Patrick Centre and chatted with Paul Braiden. He said: “‘It was great to call down to the St Patrick Centre to see this wonderful art display by local artist Paul Braiden.

“Paul has been supported by local charity LCCL & Pop Up Art to create miniature buildings and landscapes from reused/discarded materials.

“I commend him for his eco-friendly, stunning art work and would encourage anyone in the area to call down and check it out at the St Patrick Centre.

“Paul is also available for commissions if you would like a miniature of your own home or a beloved landmark created, he is available on Instagram under @tallmanminiatures.

“I am excited to see Paul’s venture grow in the coming months and years, he’s a great example of the artistic talent within our community.’

You can view Paul Braiden’s work soon at: