Downpatrick Library Is Going Green

Downpatrick Library To Use Sustainable Energy Sources

Downpatrick Library To Use Sustainable Energy Sources

Assembly election Alliance candidate for South Down, Councillor Patrick Brown, and Downpatrick Councillor Cadogan Enright have investigated concerns from Downpatrick residents over the current closure of Downpatrick’s Library until mid-April due to maintenance works being carried out.

Councillor Brown said: “People have been voicing their concerns over Downpatrick library in the light of recent closures or reductions to public services in Downpatrick.

“Following enquiries, Councillor Enright and I are delighted to say that there is no threat to the library service in the town. The local branch are simply upgrading the entire heating system and upgrading the all the lights to LEDs which should all result in a more energy efficient building.

Shown are Councillor Patrick Brown and Councillor Cadogan Enright at Downpatrick’s Library on Market Street 

“We were told the works will be completed around mid-April. The Library Service will issue and update on this in late March to confirm the exact date they will reopen.

“Downpatrick Library members can use nearby libraries and online services in the meantime. The Library Service will also be publishing dates for the mobile library visiting the current library site every two weeks.”

Councillor Enright also welcomed these green moves by Downpatrick Library and said: “As a committed environmentalist. I was particularly pleased that the Library Service is moving away from fossil fuels. This is why the refurbishment is taking so long.

“At present Downpatrick Library is heated by an oil-fired system located within the South Eastern HSC Trust premises next door. Since these premises are now closed permanently, the Library must install its own source of heat.

“Regular Library Users will know that the old oil system showed great unreliability in recent years, sometimes resulting in temporary closure. On the advice of their design consultants, the Library will be avoiding the use of fossil fuels by installing a roof mounted heat recovery system or heat pump in conjunction with the installation of a new ventilation system. In addition, they are also upgrading all internal light fittings to LEDs to improve efficiency.

“I have urged the Library Service to install PV panels on its roof at the same time as this would create free heat and power during daylight hours for Downpatrick Library when paired with a heat pump running on electric power. 

“Even without this however, the Library Service needs to be praised for being one of the few public bodies in Northern Ireland to be turning its back on fossil fuels”, added Councillor Enright.