Downpatrick II's Edge Past Dundonald II's

NAFL Division 3 Downpatrick II’s   4  Dundonald  3 THE first real opportunity for the Downpatrick side occured in the opening minutes when a cross from the right to Neill O’Bank lurking in the Dundonald box almost led to a goal. Downpatrick certainly had their tails up but as play moved back into their half, Dundonald’s Matthew Kane hit a close ball at the Downpatrick goal but keeper Conan Russell make a great reflex save to keep it safe. [caption id="attachment_22519" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="ohn Murray, left, in action for Downpatrick II's against Dundonald II's."][/caption] In the 16th minute Dundonald’s Ross Corry opened the scoring from clsoe range  from a goalmouth scramble. Downpatrick went into attacking mode and were rewarded when O’Bank put the home side ahead with a clean shot into the goal from 10 yards. But after that for most of the first half, play was uninspiured by both sides. The Downpatrick front line were not getting quality balls fed through form the midfiield and the tight Dundonald back line of  Todd, McClure McGrimasson and Scott did enough to contain Downpatrick. Just before half-time Dundonald’s Ross Corry made a great solo attack to confront Russell who again made a crucial close quarter save. In the second period the pace of the game was sharper, both teams locking horns. After 10 minutes Downpatrick’s Jordan McAllsier put his team ahead again when he punished  adefender for a slip up in front of goal. This was followed by Kane heading the ball down to the line to be denied by the keeper for a corner. Then sub Chris Ward who came on at half time volleyed the ball from 30 yards into the [caption id="attachment_22520" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Downpatick II's forward Jordan McAllister."][/caption] Downpatrick net drawing the sides level again. But incredibly Downpatrick came back with a goal from Billy Curry with a volley from outside the box about 40 seconds later. This was certainly a game of two halves and the players now were fully engaged in a game played at full tilt. Downpatrick were more openly attacking Dundonald and Ricky Thompson forced the Dundonald defenders to  a corner. Kane crossed to Curry who kicked at the ball for a goal but he just miscued and missed the serious oopportunity. The Downpatrick midfield had come to life and were feeding better balls up front but just when all looked good,  Dundonald pulled back the equlaiser in the 35th minute. [caption id="attachment_22521" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Anthony Doherty clears the ball for Downpatrick II's."][/caption] Russell made another important block and had a terrific diving save to keep the scoreline from wrecking Downpatrick hopes of a win. Gavin Smyth had one chance of a shot at the Dundonald woodwork but fired too high. Dundonald were fighting back looking for that one goal for a winner but it was Downpatrick’s Chris Curran who stole their thunder when he buried the ball into the net to clinch the victory. Dundonald had made a number of excellent attacks against Downpatrick, but the homeside just had the edge of creating the necessary opportunites and producing the finishing that mattered. Downpatrick II’s :  Conan Russell, David Telford, David Marks, Shane Magee, Sean Rea, Anthony Doherty, John Murray, Neill O’Bank, Jordan McAllister, Chris Curran, Gavin Smyth.  Subs – Chris Perry, Craig Millar, Conan McGrady. Dundonald : Jonathan Livingstone,  Willie Todd, Adam McClure, David McGimason, John Scott, Matthew Kane, Ricky Thompson, Billy Curry, Ross Corry, Craig Mecrchant. Subs – Mark Keenan, Ryan Campbell, Chris Ward.]]>