Downe And Lagan Valley Midwife-Led Units To Be Reviewed Says Trust Board

In a statement from the South Eastern HSC Trust, it was assured by the Trust Board yesterday that the Trust will participate fully in the review of Midwifery Led Units at Downe and Lagan Valley Hospitals which is to be carried out by the HSC Leadership Centre.

[caption id="attachment_54544" align="aligncenter" width="540"]reviw The lidwifery-led units in the Downe and Lagan Valley Hospitals are to be reviewed explained the South Eastern HSC Trust board. [/caption]

Director of Hospital Services Seamus McGoran said: “This Trust fought hard to open these innovative units, the first of their kind in Ireland. The midwives have done an excellent job in building and supporting this valuable local service. We are 100% behind them and have at every opportunity urged local women to use the units.

“When these units were set up in the Downe in 2010, and in Lagan Valley in 2011, there was a requirement within the business case for an independent evaluation to be carried out. This is not surprising. The midwifery-led unit, which caters for low risk births, was an innovative step at the time, and it is right that the population should be assured it is meeting the needs of local women.

“We believe the units have been hugely successful as they provide a community service to all local women, irrespective of where they are giving birth. Women can access ante and post-natal services, clinics, scans, educational classes and even consultant appointments on their doorstep.

“The unit is also the base for community outreach services. It would cost a great deal to replicate these services elsewhere”, added Mr McGoran.