Donations To Habitat For Humanity For Ukraine Refugees

Habitat's response after 100 days of War in Ukraine

Habitat’s response after 100 days of War in Ukraine

Donations from across Ireland to Habitat for Humanity have been making a difference to those fleeing the violence from the war in Ukraine.

Just days after Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February, Habitat for Humanity teams on the ground in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia began responding to the resulting refugee crisis by helping displaced families with shelter and other emergency needs.

Belfast Cathedral’s Lent Black Santas sit-out raising funds for Habitat Ireland’s Ukraine Appeal.

Habitat for Humanity has been supporting shelter needs in Central and Eastern Europe since 1992. The charity continues to support other vulnerable groups and communities in securing decent shelter, while working with local and national governments to help refugees from Ukraine obtain mid- to long-term housing.

As of 8th June, the fighting has displaced more than 14 million people, including over 6.9 million who have fled the violence in Ukraine.

Marina, who fled bombing in central Ukraine with her two daughters, sits a Warsaw apartment that Habitat for Humanity Poland helped secure for the family as part of a partnership with the city to house refugees from Ukraine.

From distributing emergency kits to refugees at the border and refurbishing empty spaces to serve as mid-to-long-term accommodation to donating furnishing & other household items from ReStore Warsaw and putting in place long-term plans to support the refugee crisis, Habitat for Humanity is on the ground, now and in the future, supporting the most vulnerable.

Since the refugee crisis began Habitat for Humanity has:

  • distributed more than 2,500 emergency kits,
  • refurbished spaces which supported 300 refugees,
  • provided short, mid or long-term accommodation to more than 4,000 individuals
  • and supported more than 25,000 refugees with donations from Habitat ReStore Warsaw.

In the three months since the war began, Habitat for Humanity Ireland’s appeal has raised (to date) almost £200,000. Individuals, churches, businesses, schools and clubs from across Ireland have come together to donate, fundraise and raise their voices for those affected by the violence in Ukraine.

Habitat Hungary distributed mattresses and other essentials to refugees from Ukraine.

Habitat’s Chief Executive Jenny Williams said: “For 100 days, as people fled from war, Habitat for Humanity has been there to help in whatever ways we can. The support from our local community here in Ireland has been incredible and we so much appreciate the generosity of everyone who has donated.”

Learn more about Habitat’s response to the war in Ukraine and you can help by making a donation today: