Does Your Relationship Need An MOT ?

More MOTs now available, but for your relationship rather than your car

More MOTs now available, but for your relationship rather than your car 

Relate NI have launched a new relationship support service where couples can take their relationship for a 50 minute ‘MOT’ with a relationship counsellor.

And the cost for the first 50-minute session is only £60.

If the pandemic reminded us of anything, it is that relationships are at the heart of everything that we do. Romantic relationships can improve our wellbeing and make us feel good, but only if we continually work at them. 

Northern Ireland’s leading relationship support charity have launched a new relationship support service – ‘The Relationship MOT’ – which will help you do just that. 

If you need to give your relationship an MOT, call Relate NI. They can assist.

Do you want to remind your partner how much you love them? Do you want to have better sex? Or do you want a better balance between your leisure time and household chores or childcare?

If so, then the Relationship MOT may be for you. 

Designed to be an accessible way for couples to check in with each other under the guidance of an expert relationship counsellor, the Relationship MOT can help you communicate more effectively, argue better, increase intimacy and love more passionately. 

Tiernan & Laura (aliases) who live in Belfast were the first to trial the MOT for Relate NI. Tiernan said: “I found the Relationship MOT an excellent method of focusing on how we work well as a couple.

“And just as importantly, it focusses where we need to work towards improving. It was professional, insightful and well worth the time.

“It has reminded us of how much we have to be proud of in our relationship and why it is so important to occasionally review it with experts.”

Laura added: “I would definitely recommend using the Relationship MOT service as a bit of a check in with your partner.

“I thought how the counsellor was able to steer the conversation was very insightful and nuanced.

“The MOT reminded us not just about why we are great together but also the importance of communication and respect.” 

“Our counsellor provided an outside perspective which immediately helped us to agree that we needed to stop and think with more kindness and empathy for each other.

“This is especially important when stressed or pissed off. We both felt that our counsellor’s excellent and gentle facilitation was quite invigorating. So many positives!” 

Relate NI CEO, Duane Farrell, welcomed the new service and said: “Healthy couple relationships can bring us joy, give our lives meaning and they actually help improve our health and wellbeing.

“However, success in romantic relationships requires regular relationship maintenance and in fast-paced modern living, we can sometimes forget to do this important protective work with our partner.” 

“Every year we take our car for an MOT, so why not take your relationship for one too?” 

“By doing so, you can learn to communicate better, have better sex and remember how much you love each other.” 

“While the MOT itself is a new service, our expert relationship counsellors have many years of experience of working with couples toward their desired aims.

“With the MOT, we are intending to provide an accessible approach to relationship support, and hopefully couples will walk away thinking about how they can better support each other and themselves throughout their relationship.” 

The Relationship MOT can be booked by filling in the questionnaire on”

 Relate NI’s website

A member of the Relate NI team will then be in touch.