Devlin Welcomes Newcastle Beach Clean-Up

Newcastle Councillor Laura Devlin. Newcastle Councillor Laura Devlin.[/caption]

Newcastle Councillor  Laura Devlin (SDLP) has congratulated Down District Council for the common sense approach they adopted when requested to consider an ‘out of season’ clean up of Newcastle beach. 

The newly appointed SDLP Councillor said:  “ Recent storms together with blown over bins  have resulted in a badly littered seafront at Newcastle.  The alarming number of plastic bottles together with general litter is unsightly and does nothing to help promote our beautiful landscape.”

“ I was pleased that Council officials shared my view that an early clean up was required in this instance to keep the issue of litter under control”.

Calling on the public to assist in the maintenance of the area, Councillor Devlin said: “ A significant number of walkers enjoy the scenes along our shoreline each day and I would call on each of them to play a part in keeping it a clean place that we can continue to be very proud of”.