Denvir’s Hotel Puts On Christmas For Ukranians

Sponsored Ukranians enjoy a Christ dinner at Denvir's Hotel in Downpatrick

Sponsored Ukranians enjoy a Christ dinner at Denvir’s Hotel in Downpatrick

They are on the Ukranian resettlement scheme enjoyed the traditional Christmas nosh.

The event was organised by Denvir’s Hotel and South Down Alliance MLA Patrick Brown who himself is hosting a family of three in Downpatrick.

(l-r) , the organisers of the CHristmas dinner: Co-owner, Denvir’s Hotel. Tetiana Yacoshevska, whose family is on the Ukranian resettlement scheme, Patrick Brown MLA, a Ukranian family sponsor, Santa Claus, and Stephen Magorrian, Denvir’s Co-owner Denvir’s Hotel.

The dinner was attended by over 70 Ukranian adults and children living in the area, from Strangford to Ballynahinch to Newcastle. Denvir’s Hotel kindly covered the full cost of the food in order to give the Ukranian sponsored families an opportunity to experience together a Christmas dinner in Northern Ireland.

Ukranian families enjoyed a Christmas dinner in Denvir’s Hotel in Downpatrick.

Patrick Brown said: “First and foremost I want to thank Denvir’s Hotel for their incredible kindness and generosity in putting on this event for Ukranians in the area.

“The conflict in Ukraine started in February 2022 so for these families this is their first Christmas away from home. 

“That is the reason we felt it was so important to put on an event that could bring them together as a community to celebrate the festive season.


“The event was hugely successful and as an organiser I am as always wowed by the generosity of local people, and I hope it helped to spread a bit of Christmas cheer amongst Ukranian families in this very difficult time for them.”

Patrick Brown MLA shows solidarirty with the mums and children at the Denvir's CHristmas dinner.
Patrick Brown MLA pictured with mums and their children from Ukraine on the resettlement scheme.

Stephen Magorrian, co-owner of Denvir’s Hotel said: “I was listening to RTE the other day and there was an item on the news how a business had helped sponsored families in the South of Ireland.

“It immediately clicked with me and I felt I just had to do something in Denvir’s Hotel to help them out over Christmas.

Some of the Ukranian children pictured with Santa Claus who was wearing his red suit at Denvir’s Hotel in Downpatrick. When he visits Ukraine at Christmas he will be wearing his blue suit.

“I got speaking to Patrick Brown MLA who thought it was a great idea and soon the planning was in action. And over 70 sponsored Ukranians, adults and children were invited. I am delighted everything went off very well and the event was a great success.

“We had Santa Claus giving out presents to the children, and there was Christmas songs sung and lots of craic after the meal.

“It was heartwarming to see the families come together and enjoy the Christmas dinner. They all had a great time and there were lots of happy smiling faces.”