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Culture Minister Shares Líofa Message in Warrenpoint
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CULTURE Minister Cáral Ní Chuilín has met with Irish language enthusiasts in County Down to share with them her journey on becoming more fluent in the Irish language.

The Minister was visiting the Teanga Trí Chairdeas group who have been formed to promote the Irish language.

Speaking at the Town Hall the Minister said: “Teanga Trí Chairdeas literally stands for language through friendship. This is the perfect example of how best to learn Irish. It is through people coming together, from many different backgrounds, meeting, socialising and exchanging their news through the Irish language that it makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

“In many ways this is also the message we want to bring with the Líofa initiative. I launched Líofa back in September 2011 with the aim of encouraging people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, to take up the challenge and become fluent in Irish by 2015. It was a challenge I also set myself, back in 2011, I was someone with a few words of Irish, and a desire to learn more. It was by coming together with fluent speakers and attending classes that I have become confident in using the language.

“Our initial target was to get 1,000 people to take up the Líofa challenge however since then we have far exceed this, and several new targets, we have now set our sights on a new goal of 5000 people by 2015.

“I would recommend anyone with an interest in the language to become involved with Teanga Trí Chairde, enjoy the language and I am sure meet new friends along the way. I wish them every success in the future,” added the Minister.