Commissioner For Older People For NI Is Consulting With Older Carers


The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland (COPNI), Claire Keatinge, is seeking the views of carers aged 60 and over to understand why Northern Ireland has such a low percentage uptake of older carers’ assessments.

The Commissioner said: “Too many carers in Northern Ireland face financial hardship as they struggle to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Carers often find themselves having to cut the hours they work to look after a loved one, which can leave them in a position of financial difficulty.dn_screen

“At present, Northern Ireland has the lowest uptake of carers’ assessments across the UK, and so I am seeking to understand the reasons for this as one of my priorities for action.

“I would encourage all carers aged 60 and over to ensure they are receiving the benefits they are entitled to, and would ask that they complete my survey so that we can begin to understand how to address this worrying problem.”

The survey is available to complete or download online, which can be accessed via the COPNI webpage here:

Alternatively, hard copies of the survey can be posted out, if you contact Dr Romana Khaoury via telephone on 028 90 890 885 or via e-mail

The survey should be completed either online or returned in printed form to COPNI by 5pm on Monday 31st March 2014.