Come and Enjoy Some Paper Magic At Craft NI

‘Experience Paper Magic’ at the Craft NI Gallery

‘Experience Paper Magic’ at the Craft NI Gallery

Five Artists have a passion for one material… Paper.

Venue: Craft NI Gallery, 115-119 Royal Avenue, Belfast

Dates: Thursday 22 September – Saturday 29 October 2022

Craft NI are delighted to welcome you to their Paper Magic exhibition.

The exhibition focuses on the medium of paper, one of the oldest and most familiar materials known to man, and its hidden potential of transformation.

Through their artful mastery of skills such as cutting, pulping, folding, oiling and collaging, five talented makers reveal the magical properties of paper in this new group show.

Paper has been with us from ancient times to the present, a constant companion recording our art, our ideas, our transactions and, sometimes, quietly changing the course of history itself.

We take this flat, flimsy and ephemeral material for granted, yet it also has the power to be transformed. 

Paper art to make you think and laugh.

The exhibition features papier mache sculptures, collages and large scale mixed media pieces, and highlights unique techniques such as  Momigami – a Japanese paper kneading technique using oil which transforms paper into a fibrous material which can then be stitched.

The Exhibiting Makers are Sue Cathcart, Jayne Cherry, Susan McKeever, Adele Pound, Emma Whitehead.

These five participating artists share a common passion for paper but their creative output is as diverse as it is intriguing, a testament to how this fragile material can be used to bring ideas to life.

Sue Cathcart is a Belfast based mixed media artist who works primarily with paper, particularly papier mache and makes collages and 3D pieces. Sue is a self taught practitioner, and would call herself a Folk or Outsider Artist. 

Her work is very colourful and ebullient with diverse and found materials combining with the written word to create pieces that tell a story. 

For this exhibition Sue was inspired by circuses and fairgrounds and their slightly creepy atmosphere, especially as a lot of old theatrical and circus props were made from papier mache.

Jayne Cherry is an artist from Co. Down who finds inspiration in her close observation of nature, weather and skilled animal husbandry care; automatic drawing and painting, textile investigation with natural elements and performance allow exchanges that result in touchable elements.

For this exhibition, Jayne made thought-provoking mixed media pieces inspired by Irish folktales and rituals.

Driftwood with paper, embroidered butterflies.

Susan McKeever is a Belfast based artist and art facilitator who paints and also makes paper collages featuring quirky figures and faces.

For this exhibition, Sue was inspired by the ‘Child of Prague’ statuettes, the small religious figurines found in so many Irish homes, depicting a Jesus-as-a-child dressed in medieval winter robes, and all the superstitions that surround him. 

Adele Pound is a wildlife artist and keen birdwatcher based in County Down. She creates drawings, paintings, digital art, graphic stories and paper art, all with a wildlife theme. For this exhibition, Adele was inspired by insects and birds.

And her paper art creations feature wasps and pigeons in amazing detail and  showcase her paper engineering skills.  

Her beautiful book features wasp’s nest paper from an abandoned nest  – find out more about these original paper-makers!  

Emma Whitehead is a textile artist, designer and teacher from Co. Down. She uses maps, paper ephemera and mementoes in conjunction with hand-dyed material and yarns to create totems that reflect the connections people have with each other and their geography, the journeys during their life, and how they mark significant events.

For this exhibition, Emma was inspired by the Map-winged Swift moth, Irish mythology/superstition and the Japanese technique Momigami. 

Supporting events:

  1. Late Night Art, Belfast. October 6th, 5pm – 8pm: Two of the exhibiting artists, Adele Pound and Emma Whitehead, will be demonstrating their making technique on the night. Join us for the opportunity to view the exhibition at leisure and also to watch the artists at work!
  2. ‘Make your own jam jar diorama’ Workshop with Sue Cathcart

October 22nd, 2 – 4pm, Craft NI Gallery

Price: £20

Come along to this convivial workshop with Sue Cathcart and learn how to make a jam jar diorama! Sue will bring along her humorous Mr Papers character and lots of other paper ephemera. Participants can bring their own photos to make this more personal. 

Expect lots of laughter as the irreverent Mr Papers takes over:All you need is a mayonnaise jar or any other large jar.  We will construct a tiny scene from paper inside the jar and add in Mr Papers or a friend or relation. 

“Please bring any pictures or photos you would like to include.  Can I just also say this is NOT a snow globe!  There is no snow!  It is a special heritage item and will be treasured by your family and friends, it had better be or there will  be trouble!”

Bookings: please contact Sue Cathcart at the following email: .