Comber Rec Back In Form With Win Against Larne

Comber break run of defeats by beating Larne Tech

Comber break run of defeats by beating Larne Tech


Premier League, League Game,

Venue: Parkway, Saturday 22nd April 2023.

Final Score: Comber Rec 3 2 Larne Tech

Comber Rec bounced back from the doldrums with a good win over a determined Larne Tech who came to Parkway to grab the points writes Jim Masson.

Comber has a series of 5 defeats and a draw to knock them off the top of the Premier League leadership leadership but they could still potentially challenge for the top spot as the teams play off their last remaining games.

Comber are still hovering there but they would need to win their next 5 matches to be in with a chance against Rathfriland who has 10 games in hand and Immaculata well positioned also.

Comber’s Stuart Hanna is chased my Larne’s Matt Hyslop. (Photos by Jim Masson / Down News ©)

The game started off cautiously with both teams testing the opposition but Larne started to squeeze Comber after 10 minutes of play. Then Comber fought back and Stuart Moore was just wide with an excellent volley.

But Larne were desperate for the win and fought the whole match relentlessly.

They were soon back at the Comber goal and Paul Maquire found the ball at his feet in front of goal but could not get turned to knock it into the Comber net on 16 minutes.

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For a spell Comber did not get a chance to attack the Larne half but eventually they broke through and Matthew Tumlinson unleashed a shot on target from the edge of the box and had to settle for a corner.

Then Comber’s Kris Gaw passed through neatly to Elliot Wilson in the box but he hit the dirt and the referee ignored the appeals for a penalty half way through the first half.

Larne battled hard against Comber for every inch to the end hoping for an equaliser.

Larne’s Maquire and Lee Harrison mounted an attack from a corner but the Comber defence closed them down well.

Comber forced an attack and a cross to the head of Andrew Laird almost saw the well struck header in the net but it was just a fraction wide.

Larne replied with an excellent build up and charge into the Comber half but when they got into striking distance the Comber defence again pounced and broke their effort.

Brodie Maxwell had an excellent blast at the Comber goal from over 20 yards but it was well saved by Comber keeper Andrew Topping.

The visitors were piling on the pressure on Comber with several worthy goal attempts the most dangerous being a cross from Matt Hyslop to Harrison but keeper Topping rushed out in the nick of time to grab the ball.

Comber fought back and a long ball to Tumlinson saw him round the defender and keeper Ferguson came out to close him down.

But be squeezed past him and slotted the ball in to the Larne goal from an acute angle to put Comber one ahead on 38 minutes.

Brett Conville gets a group hug after netting the winning goal for Comber Rec.

The home side suddenly got their tails up and attacked again and Laird squeezed off a shot on target forcing Ferguson to scramble for the ball. The first period ended with Comber taking the game to Larne.

The second hand commenced and Combers Wilson and Tumlinson tried to pass their way through the defence but eventually his a wall. Minutes later, Hanna hit a low volley and it was a fraction past the left hand post.

Then the excitement continued as Dylan Wilson soloed through the defence by as he ran through the box Larne’s Conan Mulvenna made a decisive tackle and stopped the gutsy run at goal.

Again Hanna made an excellent pass through to Tumlinson and Wilson and what looked like a certain goal was blocked by the quick action of a Larne defender.

Comber were starting to play with authority and Hanna’s free kick from over 30 yards was on target but again Ferguson made a great save.

A cross from Tumlinson saw Gaw and Wilson in the verge of scoring in front of goal but both shots hit keeper Ferguson who held the last shot.

Then at 57 minutes Larne made a quick break and sub Matthew Herron equalised to the groans of the Comber spectators.

Comber REc celebrate after Brett Conville scores their winning goal against Larne Tech.

Larne became more aggressive and the game certainly was more physical. In total there were 5 yellow cards dished out, 2 for Comber and 3 for Larne.

But Comber replied with a goal by Hughes in 67 minutes slamming the ball into the top corner, then sub Brett Conville netted on 79 minutes for Comber to go further ahead again.

However, Larne’s Maquire in 79th minute pulled one goal back immediately while Comber were sensing victory. Larne were still in with a shout of they could force another goal with 11 minutes plus extra time remaining.

The match was now on a knife edge and Comber clung on desperately fending off larne attacks. Comber forced into the Larne half and Conville won an important corner playing for time.

Comber’s dug deep and foraged ahead again and Wilson managed to fire off a shot on target but it ricochetted off a defender for a corner.

The last real effort by Comber saw Tumlinson and Wilson pressing the larne goal protecting their one goal lead.

It was a good win for Comber which restored their confidence. Larne fought to the bitter end.

The Comber player of the match nominated was Elliot Wilson.

Comber Rec: 1 Andrew Topping 2 Stephen Fleck 3 Lex Walker 4 Stuart Moore 5 Andrew Laird 6 Kristopher Gaw 8 Simon Hanna (C) 9 Elliot Wilson 10 Matthew Tumlinson 11 Stuart Hanna 17 Dylan Wilson. Subs: 12 Paul Hughes, 14 Brett Conville, 15 Ross Whitehead.

Larne Tech: 1 Jack Ferguson 2 Matt Hyslop 3 Lee Campbell 4 Michael McKenna (C) 5 Conan Mulvenna 6 Brodie Maxwell 7 Luke Harrison 8 Ryan Kane 9 Paul Maquire 10 Lewis Harrison 17 Lee Thompson. Subs: 11 Matthew Herron, 14 Andrew Bell 15 Max Sterritt.