Climate Change Conference For Castleward

Hazzard to host Climate Action Conference at Castleward.

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard will host a Climate Action Conference in Castle Ward on Friday 4th October to give people a unique opportunity to engage with policy advisors, leading environmental academics and campaigners.

The South Down MP has secured EU funding to host ‘Beyond Politics: Climate Action Now’ . In attendance will be Martina Anderson MEP who will provide a useful insight into the EU position on global warming.

South Down MP Chris Hazzard
is looking forward to the conference at Castleward addressing climate change.

Chris Hazzard MP said: “ ‘Beyond Politics: Climate Action Now’ is a one day conference workshop opened to the public, free to attend, and will hopefully be the start of an interactive conversation between the local South Down community and leading academics and campaigners as to what we can do to help play our part in building a better world.

“As a coastal constituency with many environmentally sensitive areas, South Down has a rich and vibrant community who care very deeply about the world around us. Indeed there are many local campaigns and activists who are playing a leading role in making the case for an alternative way of doing things in order to help save our local community, our beautiful island, and ultimately our planet.

Join the conference at Castle Ward near Strangford. on Friday 4 October.
(Photo by Peter Muhly.)

“Friday’s conference workshop will provide a great opportunity to hear first-hand from climate activists who have taken governments and big business to court; stood against the destructive fossil fuel industry; led mass demonstrations against large-scale polluters and academics who are enlightening the minds of a new generation of environmental campaigners.”