Clarke Condemns Threats To Building Workers

Thugs have threatened workers repairing damage to housing Executive properties in the Burrendale estate in Newcastle and following up  on a property improvement scheme.

The Housing Executive in a short statement said: ”

A Housing Executive spokesperson said; “We are aware of a recent incident at Bracken Avenue and can confirm that contractors at this site are now working normally.”

Sinn Féin Mournes Councillor Willie Clarke has condemned threats against construction workers carrying out renovation work on housing in the Bracken Avenue area of Newcastle.

Councillor Willie Clarke at Bracken Avenue in Newcastle a year ago looks over the boarded up properties following an arson attack.

Cllr Clarke said: “I totally and absolutely condemn these cowardly threats against contractors working on the Bracken Avenue flats rebuild programme. These flats were destroyed following arson attacks, a number of years ago.

“A number of men, one armed with a baseball bat, demanded money from construction workers stating failure to agree to the demands would result in the work force being attacked and the buildings would be destroyed again.”

“These workers are carrying our much needed work on social housing in the area and should be allowed to go about their business without fear of threats or intimidation. These threats have led to work being stopped for two weeks, which has resulted in many people in need of social housing being denied a home by those responsible for the threats.

“Those behind these threats do not have the support of the local community and in fact are the enemies of the community. I am calling for the threats to be lifted immediately so that these workers can get back to work. ]

“I have been in discussions with the contractors, senior Housing Executive and PSNI officers and community activists, to ensure these workers can return to complete the renovation work.”

A scene of devastation in Newcastle where arsonists caused damage to a number of flats in Bracken Avenue and caused a threat to life.

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