Clarke Appeals To Voters On Bobby Sand's Anniversary

th of May, a date that marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands, is an opportunity for us to consolidate the peace process and build on the progress that has been made over the number of years. The election will allow all freedom loving people to further influence the course of politics on this island. ”As a result of our political strength, Sinn Féín has helped ensured that the rights and aspirations of nationalists are protected. We have played a key role in the Executive in minimising the impact of the World Recession and the Tory imposed cuts on our communities. ”The election results in the 26 counties has once more advanced our national project and has put us in an influential position to promote the right of the Irish people to self-determination in all aspects of life on this island. “We are determined to develop political strategies and policies that will enhance the lives of people from across Ireland and in south Down we have a dynamic team of candidates standing in the Local Government and Assembly Elections with a blend of experience and youth that will provide effective, strong representation on a wide range of issues.  On May 5th I would appeal to the electorate to join with us and be part of developing truly National and progressive politics on this island.”]]>