A Poem – A Cat in Twilight Years – With An AI Difference

A poem with a difference beyond your wildest AI imagination!

Cat Endurance.

“In the quiet of the twilight’s gentle sway,

There sits a cat, where sunbeams softly play.

Once spry and swift, with eyes so bright,

Now age has dimmed the spark of night.

Her fur, once sleek, now silvered with time,

A graceful creature, weathered by life’s climb.

No longer does she leap with youthful grace,

But memories linger in each weathered trace.

Through years of prowling, hunting, roaming,

She’s found her place, her cherished home.

Her purrs now softer, her steps more slow,

Yet wisdom gleams in eyes that once did glow.

For though her body may age and tire,

Her spirit burns with an eternal fire.

In the twilight’s embrace, she finds her peace,

A testament to a life that will not cease“.


An AI generated image of a cat snoozing, dreaming of better days ahead with artificial intelligence.

Just thought I’d flag up this poem which I think is quite cute – about a cat in its twilight years.

Firstly, I did not write it !

No-one did! I asked AI to write it for me !

How could that be ? A work of art has to be created by the ‘imagination’ of a human being? Wrong!

Well, ‘imagination’ has gone up the chimney. Artificial intelligence is the new kid on the block – sorry about the cliche – Ai generated – and it is revolutionising many areas of life from education, science, agriculture, tourism. business and dare I say it, the arts, at the click of a button – and it is evolving as I write.

I asked AI to write me a poem (above) and that is what it produced firstly without further prompts. I could have modified it further.

And the image too was generated through Artificial Intelligence. I can now retire to a beach in Barbados and even go fishing for sailfish courtesy of artificial intelligence.

If that’s what AI can do, what else can it do ? It’s uses are expanding exponentially.

And AI will have a huge impact very soon on the media per se, in fact I must create a news article just to that effect – just for fun! That is… ask AI to write it for me and see what it throws up!

For many readers this all might seem like something out of ‘Back to the Future‘ but it’s real, it’s happening now, our world is being re-imagined by complex computer programmes.

So brace yourself for the journey ahead into the world of AI. But, it’s not that straight forward as like any innovation, it can be used abused ethically and legally, copyright can be abused. The legalities will eventually be levelled out through statute and case law through time.

Already the New York Times has sued Microsoft and its partner OpenAI in December 2023, saying that the two companies infringed copyright because they used article to train their AI technologies. At the moment it is all a minefield – as far as the eye can see!

So, the elderly cat purring in it’s twilight years might find that it can now enjoy its other eight lives as technology unfolds and a new reality awaits us.

But it probably just wants to dream of catching mice and saucers of milk… like most cats!