Clarke Addesses Dangerous Wall Issue In Newcastle

Bernagh Green wall needs repaired says Cllr Willie Clarke

Bernagh Green wall needs repaired says Cllr Willie Clarke

Sinn Féin Mourne’s Councillor Willie Clarke has addressed the issue of a wall that local agencies are not sure who owns.

He has made representations to the Housing Executive and DFI Roads to determine ownership of a damaged wall at Bernagh Green in Newcastle.

Cllr Willie Clarke is keen to identify which agency owns a wall in Bernagh Green in Newcastle in order for it to be satisfactorily repaired.

Cllr  Clarke said: “The wall has been damaged for a considerable period of time.

“The wall is a major eye sore and indeed is very dangerous for resident who are parking nearby.

“It is frustrating for residents being sent pillar to post to establish which statutory body is responsible for the repairs.

“There needs to be effective partnership between public agencies working to ensure repairs are completed as quickly as possible.

“Inaction creates an air of neglect and deterioration, which leads to less pride of place, poorer mental health, and rising anti-social behaviour.

“I hope works  to repair the wall can proceed once ownership has been finally established.”