Clarke Acts On Rubbish In Newcastle Estates

Mournes Sinn Féin councillor Willie Clarke has called for an increase in the level of cleansing in some estates in Newcastle.
Councillor Clarke said: “at the Burrendale backfield play area and the tarmac basketball court, these areas are regularly covered in broken glass which brings a large risk to children trying to play here.
Cllr Willie Clarke pictured at a scene where rubbish has been dumped at Dunwellan in Newcastle.

“Council carry out maintenance to the park, but fragments of glass remain and this causes glass to stick to the basketballs and can cause injures the young participants. A number of incidents of young people cutting themselves has been conveyed to me. I have therefore requested the need for a mechanical sweeper to clean this area and want to ensure this can be done on a regular rota basis given the frequency of the bottles being broken at these sites.

“The Burrendale Backfield play facilities have been identified as a priority to be upgraded in the council play facilities strategy. A consultation will be carried out and I would encourage all residents to become engaged in the process, particularly young people.”
Councillor Willie Clarke has also called for a greater focus from statutory agencies to improve the cleanliness of communal areas in Dunwellan Park, Newcastle.

He said: “I visited Dunwellan Park when residents contacted me about this issue and I went to the area to find all sorts of rubbish. These materials were lying at the rear of the communal area of the maisonettes. It was strewn in litter which included bottles and beer cans, broken glass and looked very untidy.

“I welcome confirmation that the Housing Executive are to carry out a clean up of the area, however, there needs to be a community response to litter in the area, and I will be investigating initiatives to get the local community in partnership with the statutory partners in improving the appearance of Dunwellan Park,” added Cllr Clarke.