Christians Against Poverty Can Help With Your Finances Says Shannon

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has urged local people to make use of the Christians Against Poverty service which operates out of Thriving Life Church Compassion Centre.

dn_screenHe said: “Christmas can be a time when finances spiral out of control and then the month of January comes with the dread of those bills coming in. I just want to offer the reminder that there is a wonderful team who will help you to go through all of your financial issues and draw up a plan which can lift the darkness and help you to get back on to solid financial ground again.

“A recent report released on the work of Christians Against Poverty has found that clients remain debt free following CAP’s support over the longer-term, with DRO’s an equally sustainable debt solution. Clients still feel in control of their finances several years after becoming debt free, but those granted a DRO are slightly more likely to feel uncertain.

“Most do not use credit after becoming debt free, with those who went through a DRO most reluctant or unable to obtain it. Where credit is taken out, it is predominantly managed well with repeat problem debt only affecting a handful. Several years on from becoming debt free, there is increased financial resilience and saving compared to the point of falling into financial difficulty.

“Low income, however, means that those granted a DRO continue to face significant challenges to saving. These people are trained to help and are compassionate and understanding and can help you to start your new year free from the financial distress of the burden of debt. I urge that you contact them for advice and start the New Year with a plan.

“Please contact 08003280006 for help and advice,”  added Mr Shannon.