Castlewellan Schoolchildren Help African Children In Crossfire

St Malachy’s Primary School choir was formed in October 2012. Primary Two teacher and Choir director Miss Joanne Moan, herself an accomplished singer and musician, brought together children from P4 to P7 who had a real interest and enthusiasm for singing. The choir performed at various functions and events in their first year and it was decided in June 2013 after a lot of positive feedback that they would put together their favourite songs onto a CD.

crodssfire“It was certainly a very daunting prospect”, said  Miss Moan, “but thanks to one of our school governors  Terry Cowan, and Brian Boyle from Festival Productions, Dunloy, we were able to turn our dream into reality.

“The enthusiasm the children showed whilst making the CD and the confidence and enjoyment they have gained from doing it has been a real bonus for our school,’ added Joanne.

“The CD ‘Grow in Love‘, which is also the school motto, was recorded by Brian Boyle on the 24 June. The choir recently enhanced their reputation further with their wonderful singing when leading the Sunday Worship on Radio Ulster from St Malachy’s Church, Castlewellan on 20 October.”

“School Principal Maurice O’Neill explained the idea behind the link with ‘Children in Crossfire.’ He said: “It was always important to us that the charity we linked with had some affiliation with children and raising money to help them so that our pupils could relate to the charity.

[caption id="attachment_44426" align="alignright" width="300"]St Malachy's Primary School is delighted their CD will help Children in Crossfire. St Malachy’s Primary School is delighted their CD will help Children in Crossfire.[/caption]

“Richard Moore is an inspirational person and his charity helps children who are less fortunate than those in our small part of the world. We are delighted that the proceeds from our CD will go to help young children and give them the best possible chance to succeed in life.

“he CD is being launched on Wednesday, 20 November and this promises to be a wonderful occasion not only for the school as we create another milestone in our history with the launch of our first CD but for our whole parish.

“We also hope it will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with Children in Crossfire which will result in a lot of money being raised to help those children in the world who at present are not being given the opportunity to fulfil their potential,” added Mr O’Neill.

Director of Children in Crossfire, Richard Moore also commented saying:  “We are honoured that St Malachy’s Primary School have recognised the valuable work that Children in Crossfire carry out to make a difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

“We are extremely grateful that a portion of the proceeds from the children’s CD “Grow in Love” will be donated to support the work that we do. We are delighted that the children from St Malachy’s Primary School have been given the opportunity to find out more about how we support children in Ethiopia, Tanzania and The Gambia and it is wonderful that children from our local community will be able to help change the lives of children less fortunate than them, who are living on the other side of the world.

“I would encourage people to visit our website:

“There you will find out more about how money raised from this CD will help us to improve and save the lives of young children living in poverty in Africa. We are excited about the release of the CD on the 20 November and I’m really looking forward to meeting the children and their teachers from St Malachy’s Primary School who have turned their dream into a reality.”