Castlewellan Road Safety Issues Being Addressed Says Rogers

SOUTH Down MLA Seán Rogers has welcomed the reply he received from the DRD Roads Service after he raised concerns in relation to road safety on the Castlewellan Rd, Newcastle.

Mr Rogers said:  “I had written to the Roads Service highlighting my concerns following on from a number of collisions in and around Easter on this this stretch of roadway between the Burrendale Hotel and St Patrick’s Park, Newcastle.dn_screen

“Following these representations, the DRD Roads Service has responded stating that they are aware of the collisions. However, the causes of these crashes have yet to be clarified by the PSNI.  I am due to meet the police in the coming weeks and I intend to stress the importance of these figures being forwarded to the Roads Service.  We are about to enter the busiest few months of the year in terms of vehicles and pedestrians and it is vital that whatever measures need to be in place, are in place.

“I also welcome the Roads Service commitment to carry out a full assessment for additional pedestrian facilities on the Castlewellan Road when the Apex Development-Burren Meadow is at full occupancy.

“I am also pleased to see the new footpath which runs from the vicinity of the Burrendale Hotel into town.  This is a busy hotel for visitors but it also has a country club which is well utilised by local people and you only have to open your eyes to notice how popular running has become and the notable increase in people running in and out the Castlewellan Road. So I fully welcome this footpath which will afford both walkers and runners additional safety.”