Byrne Asks Youngsters To Avoid Fireworks At Halloween

Councillor Byrne makes fireworks appeal to young people in Crossmaglen

Councillor Byrne makes fireworks appeal to young people in Crossmaglen

It’s that time again when thing go bang in the night… literally!

The indiscriminate, disruptive use of fireworks in many communities across Down is something which many of us have to live.

SDLP Slieve Gullion has appealed to young people in Crossmaglen to think again about getting involved with fireworks this Halloween.

Cllr Pete Byrne is asking youngsters to be safe not sorry this Halloween and avoid using fireworks.

Cllr Byrne said: “October hasn’t arrived yet and we are already getting reports of some anti-social behaviour involving fireworks.

“I would like to appeal directly to young people in Crossmaglen reading this to please consider the stress and anxiety this causes residents particularly the elderly and the most vulnerable among us.

“I have received a number of calls in the last week relating to an incident in Ardross and Chapel View.

“I know this can appear to be good craic and you have no intention of hurting anyone but the fact is this incident could have been very serious.”

“Fireworks are extremely dangerous and throwing them only increases the possibility of someone getting seriously hurt. You don’t want that on your conscience.

“No-one has to remind you this year that people have enough to deal with. Everyone is struggling to navigate the world we now live in, so please think again.

“Go out and meet with friends safely, but please don’t get involved in this type of behaviour.

“People deserve a bit of peace in the evenings when they come home from work.

“Finally, please check in with Oliver Plunkett Youth Club who are doing brilliant work supporting youth in the area.

“There are plenty of activities timetabled and there might be something for you and your friends to do.

“But whatever you do, keep yourself and your friends safe.”