Burren Meadow Action Plan Being Rolled Out by Down PCSP

The Down Policing and Community Partnership  are to roll out an action plan in Burren Meadow to address growing community safety concerns.

[caption id="attachment_38647" align="alignleft" width="250"]Councillor Willie Clarke Chairman of the PCSP engagement committee has met with Down Road residents in Newcastle. Councillor Willie Clarke Chairman of the PCSP has welcomed the action plan for Burren Meadow.[/caption] Newcastle area Councillor Willie Clarke, Chairperson of Down PCSP, has welcomed the decision of the PCSP to introduce an action plan in Burren Meadow, and said: “In May 2013 members of the Down Policing and Community Partnership Engagement Committee met with the residents of the Burren Meadow estate in Newcastle. “The main aim of the Engagement Committee is to meet communities in their localities, listen to the safety issues they face and work in partnership to find local solutions to local problems. “Residents in this area identified a number of  safety concerns and asked for help from the committee to address these so that Burren Meadow continues to be a safe and pleasant environment to live. “Members agreed to roll out a small action plan in the area which will include diversionary programmes for young people in the summer months and educational workshops for the wider community, these proposals will be presented to residents of Burren Meadow at the next residents meeting on the 4 July at the Newcastle Centre at 10.30am. “This action plan will be commence in the summer months, with key agencies working together to try and resolve the identified community safety concerns. We will continue to meet with the residents of the Burren Meadow Estate to provide regular updates on the plan and hopefully improve the quality of life for all.” If you would like to talk to the PCSP about any community safety concerns you may have in your local area please contact us on 028 4461 0800.  ]]>