Burns Calls For End To Harassment Of Businesses In Castlewellan


Down District councillor Stephen Burns has voiced his concern at the recent spate of incidents in the Castlewellan town area where a number of youths have been harassing local shopkeepers and businesses.

dn_screenCouncillor Burns pointed out the negative impact this can have on the image of the town and the distress it is causing to business people who are already under pressure in the current economic climate.

He added: “Those who are engaged in this negative behaviour need to stop and think about what they are doing and show some respect for people who are simply trying make a living in a challenging economy.

“I would point out that there many options open to youth in our area. We have a number of facilities, including a very successful youth club along with fantastic local sporting clubs who provide a positive sporting environment and far more enjoyable alternatives.

“Therefore, I would call upon those who are participating in anti-community activities to engage with our youth workers and help to promote Castlewellan rather than simply cause hurt and damage the town’s image.”

Councillor Burns explained that “only a small group of youths were engaged in this behaviour and I praise the vast majority of our young people who do contribute to portraying Castlewellan in a positive way.”