Brown Stands For Alliance In South Down

Patrick Brown announces General Election candidacy for Alliance Party for General Election in 12th December.

Rowallane Councillor Patrick Brown has officially become the Alliance’s pick to represent Alliance in South Down in the upcoming Westminster election on 12th December.

Rowallene Alliance Councillor is to stand in the General Election.

Speaking after the nomination, Cllr Brown said: “More than ever we need a progressive, liberal voice in Westminster representing South Down and I am looking forward to representing Alliance in this election. It comes during a period of great uncertainty and instability in Northern Ireland.

“Whilst the DUP fail to represent the majority of people in Northern Ireland and Sinn Fein don’t even bother showing up, every Alliance MP elected will deliver for everyone in our society.”

Speaking about this selection, Cllr Brown made clear his top three priorities if elected:

Councillor Patrick Brown.

1. Stopping Brexit. Brexit threatens our economy, peace and future opportunities. The only solution is a second referendum with the option to Remain, and voting for a REMAIN MP who will actually take their seat is the best way to make a difference at this election.

2. Protecting the environment. Nothing poses more of an existential crisis to our future than climate change. I will build on my track record in Council (such as divesting pensions from fossil fuels, declaring a climate emergency and setting up a sustainability forum) and lead on this issue in Westminster.

3. Getting to work. Every Alliance MP elected will work tirelessly for their constituents, will be a vote against Brexit and will put pressure on the UK Government to take immediate action to restore the Stormont institutions. This election is your chance to voice your anger and frustration at the failure of DUP/SF and 1000+ days without a government.

He added: “If you’d like to volunteer for my campaign, donate to our fighting fund or find out about registering to vote (or getting a postal/proxy vote) please get in touch.

This election is an opportunity to demand better from your politicians. Help us continue the Alliance surge by voting Brown for South Down on December 12th.