Brown Seeks Quoile Restoration As A Priority Task

Alliance MLA Patrick Brown has called for a review of the state of the River Quoile

Alliance MLA Patrick Brown has called for a review of the state of the River Quoile

South Down Alliance MLA Patrick Brown has met with members of the recently formed coarse angling club in Downpatrick, the Quoile Angling Club.

The anglers are supporting the Restore the Quoile community group, who want to ensure the river can thrive as a safe and accessible community angling hub and a health nature reserve as well as a place for a quiet walk in the countryside.

Patrick Brown MLA pictured with members of teh Quoile Angling Club; (l-r) Stephen O’Hare, secretary, Eamonn McGrath, chairman, Liam Quinn, David Moore and Trevor Love.

Patrick Brown said: “The Quoile River has the potential to be a more treasured and valuable resource for our area, but has unfortunately been neglected in recent years by those entrusted with its care.

“I want to establish support for the Quoile as one of my top priorities for the Downpatrick area, and provide the safe and accessible facilities that the community deserves.

“With the proper protection measures, we can ensure the Quoile area can thrive as an angling hub and more and be a source of pride for the community, with environmental, health and well-being benefits for generations to come.”

He added: “I have requested a meeting with DAERA to discuss a number of issues facing the Quoile, and the opportunities we have to promote and restore the river for all users.

“In particular, there are issues around access for disabled anglers, the restocking of coarse fish, and dredging to tackle pollution and eutrophication.

“I want to work towards achieving these aims for our community so that the biodiversity is protected and enhanced and for the wider Downpatrick area, and look forward to working alongside DAERA to see what we can accomplish.”

Club Chairman Eamonn McGrath said: “It was good to meet up with our local representative and express our views. There is much work to be done and we are keen to engage positively with all the local agencies to improve the state of the Quoile River and the area around it.

“We have already made a presentation to the Downpatrick DEA and as an outcome of that there will be an inter-agency called in the near future. That is a very welcome step forward.”