Brown Calls For Better Safety At Derryboye Crossroads

Alliance councillor calls for increased road safety at Derryboye Junction.

Alliance councillor calls for increased road safety at Derryboye Junction.

Rowallane Alliance councillor Patrick Brown is urging the Department of Infrastructure to take immediate action to improve road safety measures at the Derryboye junction and protect road users and local residents.

Councillor Patrick Brown at the Derryboye crossroads. He is calling for improved road safety signage and measures.

Currently, the five-way junction at Derryboye, has minimal road safety measures in place, and vehicles travel at considerable speed, especially along the Clea Lough Road and the Manse Road. Local residents are concerned about difficulty in clearly seeing oncoming traffic when pulling out of or onto the Ballywillin Road.

Furthermore, there has recently been increased housing development in the area close to the junction and the Derryboy Primary School is a short distance away increasing the traffic on this road section.

Cllr. Brown said: “I have spoken with the Department, calling for them to enhance the road safety provisions. In response, they’ve confirmed that measures have been implemented such as “give way” warning signs and high friction surfacing. I strongly feel that more must be done and am asking the Department to consider “Stop” signs and additional speed calming measures.”

“The Department have now agreed to inspect the road markings at the area but argue that there is a low collision rate.

“In my opinion, it is crucial that extra steps are taken now to prevent accidents and protect local residents, rather than waiting for one to happen before action is taken.”

A map of the Derryboye crossroads showing two long straights without a stop sign.