Bradley Urges Executive To Deliver Manufacturing Strategy

dn_screen2SDLP Economy spokesperson Sinead Bradley MLA has commented following news that Bombardier has brought forward a further round of redundancies in Belfast.

She said: “The news coming from Bombardier this morning will be a huge disappointment to the workers there, who have now been told they will be out of work much sooner than they had previously thought.

“This is the second time this year that Bombardier have brought forward the planned redundancies and I am seeking an urgent meeting with senior management at the company to determine what their future intentions are. In addition to the losses today,a further 400 people will lose their jobs and they need certainty about when that will happen.

“The manufacturing sector, which employs around 85,000 people in Northern Ireland, also needs certainty about its future, which is why – in line with the sector and trade unions – the SDLP have been calling for the establishment of a manufacturing strategy. However, the Executive time and time again fails to grasp the significance of this, in spite of the mountain of evidence that one is so badly needed.

“Most recently the Minister rejected the call in June, saying it wasn’t the right approach and we must wait for the Programme for Government to come up with fresh ideas. This is not acceptable to the sector, trade unions or the SDLP and other opposition parties. While Simon Hamilton waits, people’s lives are being thrown into chaos.”