Bradley Says UK Brexit Strategy Is Damaging

Economy Spokesperson for the SDLP, South Down MLA Sinead Bradley, has said that “the incompetence displayed by the British Government following the triggering of Article 50 is deeply worrying for the position of Northern Ireland.”

Ms Bradley’s comments follow Theresa May’s admission that a trade deal with the European Union will not be finalised until after the UK has left, compounding uncertainty.

Sinead Bradley MLA.

Ms Bradley said: “The sloganeering of the Brexiteers has disappeared like snow off a ditch now that the scale of the challenge facing the British Government becomes apparent following the rush to trigger Article 50.

“Less than a week after Theresa May penned her farewell missive to EU leaders, senior members of her party have threatened territorial war with Spain and the Prime Minister herself has been forced to back track on both the timeframe for a trade deal with the EU and the extent to which Britain can actually ‘take back control’ of immigration policy. What a disaster.

“The series of government blunders that has characterised the initial post-Article 50 climate only creates further uncertainty. How can we have any confidence that these people can negotiate a resolution to the complex issues surrounding Northern Ireland?

“This underscores the very serious need to secure a power sharing government after the talks. Parties must unite behind a common position on Brexit that defends the interests of people here. Anything less is a dereliction of duty. We cannot sacrifice that responsibility to this hapless British government.”