Be Safe This New Year’s Eve Says Health Minister Swann

Make this New Year’s Eve as safe as possible and prevent the spread of Covid says Swann

Make this New Year’s Eve as safe as possible and prevent the spread of Covid says Swann

Health Minister Robin Swann has urged the public to make this New Year’s Eve as safe as possible by following health guidance and advice.

“Traditionally this is a time when we look forward with hope and optimism. This year we will do the same but that must be tempered by continued caution and awareness that our actions will play a massive part in how we move forward in the weeks and months ahead,” the Minister said.

“We have seen here and across the world that Omicron is presenting us with an increased level of challenge in terms of its level of transmissibility and the spiralling levels of infection within the community. This is a time when everyone can play a crucially important part in protecting ourselves, those we care for and our essential health services which are under unrelenting pressure.”

The Health Minister added: “Each of us can make a difference by making the right choices. Let’s limit our contacts, prioritise those people who mean most to us and take all the precautions we can before we meet. 

The bigger the get-together the bigger the risk of catching Covid or Omicron.

“Get vaccinated, be that a first, second or booster dose; take a lateral flow test, wear a face mask, be aware of good hand hygiene and observe guidance and regulations regarding social distancing.

“I know we are all tired and weary after two long years of making great sacrifices and  being denied the sort of lives and freedoms which we all took for granted. I also know that working together will bring the time closer when we can emerge together from this pandemic.”      

Since 27 December, the public are strongly advised to limit their amount of social contact with other households. It is recommended that no more than three households should meet together in a private home.

Remember to keep rooms well-ventilated, maintain social distancing as much as possible and wash hands well and often.

Currently there is a sufficient supply of lateral flow tests for Northern Ireland.

Community pharmacies are replenished regularly and additional deliveries are being made into Northern Ireland on a regular basis. You can also use the site finder to find an alternative local collection site.

If the site closest to you does not have any tests, you will find other collect sites in your local area on site finder. Due to high demand, tests may be released in batches throughout the day on the online home delivery service.

If you are not able to order tests immediately, please check again regularly throughout the day.