Baroness Ritchie To Oppose NI Protocol Bill In Lords

Ritchie To Stand Against Protocol Bill As It Passes Through The Lords

Ritchie To Stand Against Protocol Bill As It Passes Through The Lords

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill will receive its second reading in the Lords tomorrow (Tuesday 11th October).  

Speaking ahead of the session in the Lords, Baroness Ritchie said: “Naturally, I am opposed to this Bill and would urge the government to abandon this undemocratic piece of legislation. 

“The NI Protocol Bill is contrary to democratic principles.

“It breaches international law; gives ministers powers in regulations for which there will be no parliamentary scrutiny or accountability. Also it will wreak endless havoc on our economy. 

Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick is opposing the NI Protocol Bill in the House of Lords.

“Just look at the Dairy Industry which is all island in nature and where the large part of the processing capacity lies in the South of Ireland.  

“A dual regulatory regime would not work for that sector and the Bill if passed will lead to the destruction of the  dairy industry on the island and a similar case will be existing for beef.

“I support  the Protocol and believe that there is a need for mitigations to ensure that it works to its full potential for everyone..  

“Where wrinkles exist they need to be smoothed out. Only negotiations between the UK Government and EU will examine and resolve those.

|We need to see an end to political and economic uncertainty including the restoration of all the institutions of  the Good Friday Agreement.  

“The public in Northern Ireland want an end to political and economic uncertainty.

“That can only happen through a negotiated solution brought about by the ongoing negotiations between the UK and the EU.  

“I wish those negotiations well and hope that they result in a positive outcome. 

“In such circumstances the UK should abandon this law breaking legislation”.