Badger Cub Saved Near Strangford

A tiny badger cub found in the Strangford area this week is now receiving expert care.

The cub was discovered by a dog walker who brought it to Jacqui Baird, the general manager of the National Trust’s Castle Ward Estate. Jacqui immediately phoned the USPCA for advice and then wasted no time in taking the cub to Cromlyn House Veterinary Clinic near Hillsborough.

Members of the Northern Ireland Badger Group provided specialist advice on the care and treatment of the cub and coordinated the onward transport to a rehabilitation centre where it will be reared with other cubs and released back to the wild.

As snug as a bug in a rug… a baby badger is rescued near Strangford. (Photo by Jacqui Baird.)

Spokesperson for the badger group, Peter Clarke, said: “Time is of the essence in situations like this and Jacqui acted quickly to ensure that the cub got the expert care it needed. The veterinary team have been brilliant – it’s not every day that someone brings them a tiny badger.

“Cubs are usually born around the beginning of February. Youngsters of this age are unable to survive on their own and would normally remain in the safety of their sett for several weeks before venturing out with their mother. The exact location of the sett and the circumstances that led to the cub being above ground are unknown, but it is believed that something may have happened to its mother.

“We are delighted with this outcome. Cubs and their parents are very vulnerable at this time of year. Thanks to Jacqui’s prompt action and very effective collaboration by everyone concerned, the little cub is now getting the best possible care from dedicated experts”, the spokesperson added.


The Northern Ireland Badger Group is an independent voluntary conservation organisation that promotes the conservation, protection and welfare of badgers. It is the leading voice for badgers in Northern Ireland.