Armstrong Says Emergency RHI Legislation Will Not Resolve Issue

Strangford MLA Kellie  Armstrong.
Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong.

Alliance’s Strangford  MLA Kellie Armstrong has said possible emergency legislation to deal with the RHI scheme still does not resolve the issue.

Strangford MLA Ms Armstrong was speaking after the DUP announced it was working on the legislation to deal with overspend on the scheme, reducing the tariffs being paid to claimants, as well as introducing tiered payments to possibly reduce the overspend itself. The Assembly could be recalled to deal with the legislation.

“Admission and attempted mitigation of error is fine. However, this does not bring this matter to an end. Indeed, it raises even more questions.

“If this way of dealing with RHI is possible, why was it not pursued in 2015 when the scheme was closed? Instead, it appears those in charge have waited until public pressure has forced them to do this and bring the matter to a head.

“We still need an independent, judge-led, public inquiry to deal with the issues at the heart of this scandal. Possible legislation does not change that. This crisis will only be resolved by complete openness and transparency, which such an inquiry can provide.”