Ardglass TikTok Star Has Millions Of Likes

Massive following for TikTok sensation from Ardglass

Massive following for TikTok sensation from Ardglass

Nikita Dorrian from Ardglass (27) has reached the dizzy heights of fame on social media platform TikTok.

With 452,400 followers and 8.5 million likes, the County Down TikTok queen has created a huge loyal band of followers from across the world. And Nikita has around 12,000 followers on Instagram.

With a genuine smile and super perfect lip-syncing, Nikita works almost full-time at her TikTok page and produces short video clips with pop music tracks.

“It really got going during the Covid lockdown. A lot of people especially the younger ones, turned to social media and I provided the lip-sync videos which quickly caught on.

Some of the videos produced by Nikita Dorrian from Ardglass showing off her many transitional faces.

“There is dance and movement in the videos which I actually shoot myself and edit. And there is a bit of work in getting them right, but it usually all works out well now.

“When I was in my teens I would have taken part in a few Strictly Come Dancing competitions, and I did one for suicide awareness when a friend of mine passed away. I think I caught the performance bug from that stage in my life and haven’t looked back.

“My two greatest fans are my daughters Isabella (8) and Sophia (6). They just love watching their mum on the videos which are often just very short clips of maybe 15 seconds but they can take up to 90 minutes to shoot.

“I have to get my make-up right, and hair, but in some videos I start off without make-up and transform into the polished, fully loaded lipsticked performer etc. These are called transitional videos and young ones get a real kick out of them. Some are quite dramatic.”

Two of the many faces of Nikita Dorrian… who is a master of transitional lip-sync videos.

Nikita explained that to date she has done 36 videos on TikTok and works with the platform to further develop her lip-syncing performances. She loves pop music and listens a lot to M&M and Britney Speers and a host of other performers and has an uncanny ability to copy their styles.

“Basically I listen to the tune a few times to get familiar with it then just free dance making up the moves as I go along… it’s all very spontaneous and creative.

“I would love to make a career out of my videos. Other young women have done this and although it may be hard work, I am well on my way and have gathered up approaching half a million followers in this short space of time.

“It would be great to collaborate in promotions with top brands such as SCHEIN which specialises in clothing, or OODIE or cosmetic and skin product companies. TikTik is very supportive and this is great.

“My ultimate goal is to be an independent professional content creator. That would be living the dream for me.

“But there is so much to learn. For example, in shooting a video by myself I have to do my own make-up, then take the shots using my iPhone on a tripod, finding the right angles, then run the clips through filters and splice the sections into a coherent flow that captures the rhythm of the music and the movements. It’s a real multi-tasking challenge.

Ardglass TikTok queen Nikita is creating waves on social media.

Nikita said creating the videos for TikTok is really just like enjoying a hobby. “I get a fantastic buzz out of doing them and I love the many positive comments I get from my many fans. They are my stars! I’d just like to say thank you to them all.

“I’m going to keep progressing while I can. And surprisingly male teenagers and even some older ones enjoy my videos too. My fans are viewed by about 50/50 female and male which is great.

“I know some girls doing videos on TikTok like me who have just half the following I have and they are monetising what they are doing, so hopefully I can move up to the next level and produce even more exciting material.

“I’m so excited about having achieved what I have done so far, but I’m going to push on and see where it all goes to.”

You can log on to Nikita Dorrian’s TikTok platform HERE.

Or visit her Instagram platform @Nikita_Dorrian


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